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Visit to Annecy International Film Festival and MIFA 2016
June 13th – 18th, 2016, ANNECY, FRANCE

Annecy 2016 was a tremendous success, featuring animation from all over the world and paying tribute to all the wonders found in French animation. The event united 9,153 badgeholders (up 10.3%), with 85 countries represented and around 500 films screened during the Festival.

The Mifa alone drew 2,800 badgeholders (up 4.5% vs 2015), marking its most successful year yet with a steady rise over the last 12 years

The festival was the world's best location to check out the latest animated gems, find out about current and future trends, meet up with renowned film directors and up-and-coming talents, and track down new associates and partners in the fun and friendly atmosphere of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.