VedAtma Educational Cultural & Charitable Trust

Activities of the Trust:

Formed with the noble intentions of promoting cultural & social activities, VedAtma aims to erase cultural divides by holding various events upholding the music, languages & cultures of our country, it also plans to involve itself in various social causes ranging from adoption of schools in rural areas & providing them with all their needs, adopting orphanages & various social causes.

The Trust also promotes education of poor and neglected girl children. The trust is interested in the welfare and development of women and female children. The Trust has adopted a few schools and is determined to improve through a network of individuals and institutions, the educational, health and vocational opportunities of the students who belong to the lowest rungs of society. The Trust also plans for relief to victims of natural calamities, renovating dilapidated temples, distributing food, clothings and books to the poor etc.


Our Clients:

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