Haridaasamrutha 2019

Karnataka is august for its wealth of Indian Classical Music. Both Carnatic music and Hindustani music proliferated in this region. The most popular and revolutionary “HARIDAASA” movement of 16th century has bestowed the status of performing art style to carnatic music. The contribution of the great Haridaasaru of Karnataka to our language and culture is very special. Their songs about the almighty and the essence of the stories imbibed in it are a great and unparalleled contribution to the entire mankind. These songs are very much essential to the present and the future generation as the values and ideals mentioned in their songs are an example for leading the right way of life. We are organising a 4 days music festival in September. The festival is planned between 18th-21st of September 2019.

“Haridaasamrutha”, an unique music festival featuring the best Carnatic & Hindustani artists perform to the songs of Daasa Sahitya & other great singer saints is a 4 days music festival & is a free for public event in Bangalore.

This Music Festival is being held at KASSIA Bhavan, Vijayanagar, Bangalore. Leading musical exponents  would be a part of this 4 DAYS long unique music festival consisting of music concerts, workshops, paper presentations & showcase of animated visuals of “Dasara Padagalu”.

We are honoured to have the blessings of two respected His Holiness Swamijis of Yadugiri Yathiraj Mutt & Udupi Pejawar Mutt whose divine presence would also be there during the inauguration.

Haridasaamrutha | EP 01 | SVBC TTD Kannada


Haridasaamrutha | EP 02 | SVBC TTD Kannada



Haridasaamrutha | EP 03 | SVBC TTD Kannada



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